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We present VELUDERM cosmetic products. Our idea: “the effect immediately after the first use of our cosmetic products”. Our new ideas and general formulas will give the world of cosmetology new positive emotions!


Practical training seminar on the technology of using the new PDR-X100 peeling followed by revitalization of the dermis and OROPEEL without rinsing to prepare for the peeling procedure or home use. The practical seminar is led by Dr. Sibilev


We are pleased to inform all our users that BOTULOPEPTID has been updated in our product line. Now it’s even better, longer, safer! BOTULOPEPTID is waiting for your order in our warehouse." Nos complace informar a todos nuestros clientes -producto Estrella BOTULOPEPTID ya esta disponible.La formula mejorada!


In Lisbon - the capital of Portugal we meet again in a Training Seminar with Doctor Alexey Sibilev. The training was aimed at professionals, who are dedicated to the world of beauty. Introducing new techniques and showing the quality of Veluderm products, students learned how to improve the process of mesotherapy and bus- revitalization. As a very positive result, the international Veluderm team has grown! We want to congratulate the new Distributors of Brazil and Portugal of Veluderm products. In good time companions! We continue to expand our International team! Are you next?!



Indisputably the best fat burner used by all sculptor and his body, is available today more than ever! Take advantage of our offer!


HYALURONIC ACID 3% contains Cube 3 -biotechnological ingredient with high efficiency, helps to reveal the full spectrum of activity of hyaluronic acid, increasing its effectiveness and its full potential. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improving its elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The unique multivitamin complex Veluderm LUMINARY - Soft, gentle, pleasant, with a light aroma, a cocktail of native ingredients in the form of a rich emulsion. ⠀ The product has unique properties achieved due to a special formula unique in which composition includes Jojoba oil, Bergamot oil, biological silicon, linoleic lipoic acid. ⠀ The ultra light texture of the emulsion creates a feeling of comfort and is suitable for all skin types. After application, Luminary is quickly absorbed, leaving a very thin hygroscopic film on the surface of the skin, thereby preventing it from dehydrating and protecting it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, softening properties, accelerates the healing of cracks and wounds, prevents the appearance of infection. Selected ingredients are not addictive and minimize the manifestation of side effects. # cosmetology # youth # professional cosmetics # lifting # rejuvenation # mesotherapy # cosmetologist


Urgent care for cellulite without wrapping, without diet, without physical exertion - only mesotherapy with Phosphatidilholin, and only orange will have a crust!


Already it's time to leave, and the tight schedule is not allowed to get ready? Phosphatidilholin will urgently get rid of orange peel cellulite. And Ampeloslim will help tighten your chin and skin! Go to meet the sun boldly!


Soft, 100% natural grapevine extract of Amepelopsis will help you get rid of excess volumes on the face, neck, arms and legs! Rejoice in the orange sun, like orange orange!


Grape Extract can help tighten cellulite orange peel


Are you ready for the best photos? Face Care will help to fix not only your photos!


Your smile will be irresistible on all summer photos! Have time to prepare for the most unexpected photography in the most unexpected places!


The brilliance and health of your hair will provide treatments with Hair Care! The burning Sun, salt water, the stress of hops - all this eliminates the gentle care of hair follicles and scalp Hair Care cocktail!


QUICK, SAFE and EFFICIENT FATABLE - CAFFEINE bioactiv solution Caffeine bioactiv solution is European quality! Produced by the Spanish company Veluderm, has passed many clinical studies, recommended for use: ▫ with cellulite, Body fat, ▫ puffiness. # veluderm # caffeine # avelu


Hyaluronic Acid Cube 3® is a unique biotechnological ingredient that contains three molecular length spectra. Cube 3® is special because three rows of fractions work synergistically, just as it happens naturally in the body. It is three times more effective and three times more stable than regular hyaluronic acid! Wrinkles, dryness, sagging - one, two, three! And only ten days the best price Hyaluronic Acid Cube 3® !!!


Cocktail Activpeptide + NA is proven to stimulate metabolism (the synthesis of collagen and its own hyaluronic acid), the regeneration of micro vessels and nerve endings. Components actively contribute to the hydration of tissues, the smoothing of wrinkles and folds, an increase in turgor, and deep hydration. With the help of Active-peptide + ON are carried out: ▫ photo prevention of aging, Мелких fine wrinkle correction, Flabbiness and skin atrophy, Treatment of rosacea and stressful skin after physical, chemical and electromagnetic effects. Indications: folds, wrinkles, age-related depression, prevention and protection from photo aging.


Eliminate acne and inflammation with ACNE - PRO and the sun! Sulfur cocktail successfully eliminates all germs, even from the inside! Rutin and silicon will stop the inflammation and start regeneration with zinc. Arginine will relax muscles from painful tension. CUBE 3 X-DNA and hyaluronic acid moisturize and saturate the skin with freshness. And then open your clean face to the sun!


A unique cocktail that combines muscle relaxing agents along with tightening substances! Argireline, Leufazil gently and gently eliminate the tension of the forehead and cheek muscles, softening wrinkles and crow's feet. And DMAE in maximum concentration will tighten the skin surface, completing the process of wrinkle removal. In addition, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E nourish and moisturize the skin, and zinc, magnesium, cobalt and lithium together with vitamin C will protect against radicals and start skin regeneration. Cocktail Face Care will give you a fresh face in just a few treatments!


The first cosmetic preparation based on the growth factors of mesenchymal cells! Exceptionally targeted effect on the restoration of aging components of the skin, restoring its internal structure. Alestem has multi-stage protection provided by multi-stage purification from related proteins and testing by 50 laboratory methods for quality. Alestem does not have any aggressive effect on the human body, it does not cause side effects, and all the positive properties of the tissue booster of the biostimulator are preserved.


ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA is a unique product that includes dozens of peptides, amino acids and nucleosides for powerful stimulation of skin repair. Active peptides increase the vital activity of skin cells and intracellular systems. Cells begin to actively divide, produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, burn excess fatty acids. At the same time, trophicity of tissues is improved - blood circulation, lymph, etc., - providing an improvement in metabolism. The product is perfect for virtual mesotherapy of the periorbital zone, chin zone, nasolabial fold, upper lip, etc.


Cocktail helps to reduce inflammation of the skin. In particular, it initiates a reduction in redness, swelling, pain and discomfort in the eruption zone, an improvement in microcirculation. At the same time, it normalizes the production of sebum and speeds up the local metabolism, improving the color and structure of the skin.


This hot summer comes the hot season: only 10 days special prices! Have time to buy, there is already very little product! Only 10 days!


Looks cool in summer! A unique cocktail that combines muscle relaxing agents along with tightening substances! Argireline & Leuphasyl gently eliminate the tension of the forehead and cheek muscles, softening wrinkles and crow's feet. DMAE in maximum concentration tighten the skin surface, completing the process of wrinkle reduction. In addition, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E nourish and moisturize the skin. Zinc, magnesium, cobalt and lithium together with vitamin C protect against free radicals and start the skin regeneration process. The Cocktail Face Care give you a fresh face in just a few treatments!


Enough summer to hide your face behind the glasses! Eliminate acne and inflammation with Pure Skin and the sun! Sulfur cocktail successfully eliminates all germs, even from the inside. Ruthin and silicon stop the inflammation and regeneration starts with zinc. Argilerine prevent muscles from contracting Hyaluronic Acid CUBE 3 and DNA moisturize and refill the skin providing freshness. Open your clean face to the sun!


We have a new online shopping site! Join us at enjoy with our products. Now you can buy directly through our shop. Register and you will have access to our products and prices. We care about you! Team Veluderm.

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