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Ampeloslim is an active helper in the search of beauty.

The search for beauty has no limits: it has no beginning and will never have an end. The search for beauty is a state of mind! All in our way pursue a dream. To make our life better!

We all have our own beauty.

Some seek idols, others are inspired by the classics and others found inspiration in its interior. Many people wish to look good physically and feel the desire to fix, correct and improve their appearance.

With the passage of time, the skin ages, it loses volume, elasticity and tone. The new technologies and the new cocktails are the solution.

Often it only takes a light touch, almost imperceptible, so that you look better, and others also see you better.

The cocktail AMPELOSLIM contains an extract of the vine virgin, belonging to the family of the Vitáceas called Ampelopsis.

The Ampelopsin, also known as dihidromiricetina is tested that improves the metabolism of glucose and lipids, acts as a detoxifying and releases the tissues of toxins. It also improves the trophism of the tissue.

Actively participates in the differentiation and maturation of adipocytes, preventing the formation of new fat tissue.

Reduces the synthesis of fatty acids and the accumulation of triglycerides in the interior of the adipocyte.

Increases the metabolism of the triglycerides accumulated in the interior of the cells, helping the body to diminish quickly, the excess fat.

Increases the Density of the dermis showing less adipose tissue infiltrated and improving the appearance of the skin cellulite.

Provides a draining effect very effective in cellulite edematous, promotes cellular respiration by accelerating the oxidation of fatty acids.


The cocktail AMPELOSLIM is an ideal product both for treatment and prevention of the cellulite such as in the treatment of small fat deposits.

It also protects and strengthens the surrounding tissue of the dermis.

It can also be applied on the neck, chin and face.

The Team Veluderm wish your success in your search of beauty!

Always taking care of you!

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