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ALESTEM in cosmetology practice

What is ALESTEM?

This is a bio booster revitalization.

In the form of this lyophilizate extract of stem cells. It contains growth factors of blood vessels, fibroblasts, hepatocytes, insulin regulators, etc.

Cell growth factors stimulate the emergence of new fibroblasts (new skin layers), collagen and elastin fibers, hyaluronic acid. Creases and wrinkles cease to form on the skin during daily mimic motor activity. Increases skin turgor and elasticity. Stimulate the growth of microvascular and neural networks. Make the walls of blood vessels elastic. As a result, the flow of oxygen and nutrients is accelerated.

Efficiency increases when applied in its pure form with the use of cosmetic preparations!

Human skin, as well as hair and nails, is an essential element in ensuring a full-fledged physiological, as well as social life of each of us. In the physiological aspect, the dermis and the epidermis protect the person from harmful external factors, keep the water-salt balance at a constant level, keep our body temperature constant, and carry out immunological surveillance. In the social aspect, healthy skin, hair and nails are an important element of our appearance, youth, health and success. The excellent condition of these three elements causes unconsciously positive reactions of others and gives indisputable advantages in social life and intimate relationships.

Stimulation of the process of renewal (regeneration) of the skin begins in the deepest layer of the dermis - the basement membrane, where undifferentiated cells turn into young skin cells. The amount of collagen and elastin fibers increases. The network of their interweaving becomes thicker and richer. Elasticity (turgor) of the dermis increases, and creases and folds cease to form as a result of the daily movement deformity of the skin.

Therefore Indications: local and general rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory effect, bleaching the dermis.

And Contraindications: only hypersensitivity to components of the cosmetic product.

ALESTEM have general actions:

· the general effect of rejuvenation in the form of smoothing wrinkles, increased elasticity, healthy pink color, deep radiance and matte surface, normalization of sebaceous excretion, narrowing of pores;

· accelerates metabolic processes and tissue respiration;

· has a whitening effect on the skin;

· protects the skin as an immunomodulator;

· nourishes and moisturizes the dermis.

At the same time, Alestem stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. It is with the help of hyaluronic acid that the regenerative functions of the skin successfully flow and accelerate. Between the fibers of collagen and elastin, more fluid is retained, which facilitates the migration of young cells, as well as significantly increases the turgor (tension) of the skin.

Thus, the skin gets a young straightened look. Microcapillaries of the circulatory and lymphatic systems develop freely and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the dermis. At the same time, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized. It is the normal work of the sebaceous glands that makes the skin surface neither dry nor oily and reduces the susceptibility to inflammation.

It is important to say about the powerful and at the same time soft hair stimulation. Being the skin appendages, the hair is subject to the same stimulating effect. By activating the above processes in the growth zones of hair, Alestem thickens hair, accelerates their growth and gives a healthy shine. Production near the hair sebaceous glands is normalized and the growth phase is maximally extended.

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