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PDRN - PRO + HA CUBE 3 sterile cosmetic cocktail to restore the skin

New product in Veluderm on-line - PDRN - PRO + HA CUBE 3 - this is an interesting cocktail that combines the three-component formula of hyaluronic acid CUBE 3 and clinically proven effective polynucleotides PDRN.

A polydeoxyribonucleotide is a low molecular weight DNA particle obtained by an extraction method. The unique marine biopolymer ingredient due to the special extraction methods used has a higher efficiency compared to conventional acids.

A composition based on polydeoxyribonucleotides extracted from natural sources is used in many therapeutic preparations. Not for nothing, the basis of the cell, DNA, is “the molecule of life!

PDRN represents the structural element of DNA. And therefore, they serve as a donor of substrates for the synthesis of their own DNA molecules. However, through the activation of adenosine receptor PDRN regulates the intracellular distribution of hormonal signals, modulates secretory processes, affects the proliferation, growth and differentiation of cells, including fibroblasts.

When subdermal administration, PDRN has anti-inflammatory, angiogenic and protective antioxidant effects. PDRN activates cell regeneration mechanism own production of hyaluronic acid, structural collagen and elastin, inhibits the activity of elastase.

PDRN stimulates and increases the metabolic activity of cells in the skin called fibroblasts so that to regenerate key components of the skin such as collagen, glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins. PDRNactivates tired aged and damaged cells to act younger and get to work again.

It also acts mechanically as a scaffolding for cells and the extracellular matrix to grow - they have a 3-dimensional structure where fibroblasts can use to produce its regenerative effects.

Furthermore, it provides building blocks for DNA synthesis. Through salvage pathways, the Polynucleotides are broken down by the body's processes into purines and pyrimidines, then recycled into new DNA again.


The binding basis of the drug and transport for polydeoxyribonucleotides is constituted by the patented Cube 3® hyaluronic acid formula containing a whole spectrum of molecular lengths. Since HA Cube3® reveals the full temporal range of hyaluronic acid activity, which increases both its effectiveness and its entire biopotential.

Together, they not only moisturize fading skin, but also start production of their own collagen, inhibit elastase activity, protect against radicals and eliminate toxins!

It is clinically proven that PDRN - PRO + HA CUBE 3 provide a firming and rejuvenating effect, reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, reduce the fine wrinkles as well as fight deep wrinkles, reduce pore size, enhance the penetration of vitamin complexes.

The scientific work of international experts has shown that PDRN can be used to protect against the oxidative effects of harmful polyunsaturated fatty acids.

PDRN-PRO hyaluronic acid CUBE 3 absorbs a volume of water 10,000 higher than their own volume. An in vitro test administering a PDRN cocktail in 10 volunteers, we observed an increase in skin hydration of more than 90%.

Its antioxidant effect has been tested in an in vitro study. The Results showed that the 2,4% of HPDR inhibits 85% the formation of free radicals.

A test was made with PDRN-PRO + HA CUBE 3 in a chelate toxic heavy metals. In the results observed after 72 hours, the heavy metals were fixed in the HPDR. Fixed amount: 100 mg of cadmium / g HPDR 220 mg of lead / g HPDR

In a Test in vitro on human fibroblasts elastase with two types of substrates showed a decrease in the activity of the elastase of a 358%

But most importantly - the return of cells to life! The HPDR stimulates the ciliary motility of inhibited cells. Researchers evaluated the effect of PDRN on the ciliary rhythm of artificially suppressed cells and detected the restoration of ciliary movement.

PDRN - PRO + HA CUBE 3 has the fully proven efficacy of stimulating intracellular metabolism, proliferating and differentiating fibroblasts, producing collagen and its own hyaluronic acid.

And it is recommended against wrinkles, lethargy, dryness of the skin, regardless of etiology, as well as depression and / or dehydration of the dermis after acute and chronic internal diseases, operations, stress, age-related changes and insolation.

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