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Let's talk about eliminating unnecessary volumes.

Excess volumes are not always associated with overweight. Excess weight does not always bring discomfort. But discomfort always comes with identifying extra dimensions.


And here comes the struggle of cause and effect. I asked Google a question about “new methods of dealing with excess volumes”. And in response I received ... 14 million answers! Yes, simply having familiarized with them with all, you will lose not only superfluous, but also necessary, like health and a stable psychological state.

Health and inner peace. This is the main thing that affects and unbalances the concept of "discomfort". And this discomfort sometimes brings more methods of dealing with these "extra" kilograms, excess volumes ... Exhausting diets, merciless physical exercises, naive starvation - all this will more likely break the balance of the body than bring long-term results. After all, it is no secret to anyone that the sooner they lose weight, the faster those extra pounds return.

I found an interesting book by Charlotte Mark “Smart diets are not needed ...”, where the author reveals the subtleties of a person’s psychological attitude. The first is a call for a positive attitude towards yourself and your mistakes. If it so happened that last year's dress was small, do not reproach yourself. And just say that it went out of fashion. And for the year got a little better. At the same time, you will find the reasons why the kilograms came, be able to eliminate them and regain your weight.

I will not retell even briefly the content of this or other books. The purpose of this article is to bring a simple idea to all those who are concerned about excess volume and extra kilos. And it lies in the fact that, first, a psychological attitude must mature. Reasons and motivations are all parts of an agreement with yourself. And we must understand that the path to the desired weight will not be fast. A short path to the result will ruin all beginnings.

Problems with excess volumes can be solved in a shorter time. I do not urge to exclude surgical methods of liposuction. But I draw your attention that you can get by non-invasive methods of lipolytic procedures. This is a quick way to achieve results for a long term.

“Manage your own image” - psychologists recommend, urging not to sue the mirror. Imagine your image today, now, without euphoria, without extremes. Submitted? Go to your cosmetologist. He will tell you how to achieve this image in a very short time.


Lipolytic procedures using direct lipolytic, as PHOSFATIDYLCHOLINE or LIPOCUT, aimed at the direct destruction of fat cells. The procedure applies to large subcutaneous fat deposits. These may be the medial and anterior zones of the thighs, the anterior and lateral zones of the abdomen, and the back of the shoulder. And it is limited by the state of the human lymphatic system, which removes the destroyed fat structures from the body. Therefore, to stimulate the removal of fat cells destruction products, drugs that stimulate the drainage of the lymphatic system, NATURAL REDUCING, SILANOL 1%, and necessarily strengthen vessels, such as MELILOTO + RUTINE, are used.

Lighter indirect lipolytic are also used for lipolytic procedures for non-critical corrections of individual body parts and the body as a whole. Indirect lipolytic create conditions for apoptosis of adipocytes - fat cells. This is a normal natural process aimed at obtaining additional energy and water by the body in stressful situations.

The essence of drugs with indirect lipolytic CAFFEINE, L-CARNITINE, LIPOBURN, ARTICHOKE EXTRACT run these natural processes without creating stress for the organism. Included in the plant extracts sometimes have a thousand-year history of effective, trouble-free use for human health. Therefore, these procedures with such drugs are the safest for humans. And can be carried out in almost any area of the human body.

Combining physiotherapy and / or surgical procedures to reduce total body weight with PURPOSE PRO, AMPELOSLIM, as well as FACELIFT SYSTEM 10 and FACELIFT SYSTEM 20 will help to significantly shorten the rehabilitation period by tightening loose skin with loss of significant internal volumes.

Returning to the main topic of our article, I want to note that any of your actions begin with an understanding of their purpose. So, the elimination of excess volumes can be either a corrective procedure for aesthetic effects or a thorough process of weight reduction, but in any case, your desire is primary!

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