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FACE SHINE returns the velvety and tenderness to the skin after spring stress avitaminosis.

FACE SHINE  returns the velvety and tenderness to the skin after spring stress avitaminosis.

             Spring is a blooming season, the rebirth of nature after winter season. Orpheus have dedicated several odes to the spring days, the chirping of birds, the fragrance of plants and the radiance of faces.

           Shine with happiness, health, great mood! 


Your face should shine with such light! 

What can prevent the spring avitaminosis? 

Let's find the causes and eliminate them as soon as possible.

              It is no secret that the spring avitaminosis leads to dullness and flabbiness of the skin. Over the years we accumulate the effects produced by seasonal changes.

Before skin natural recovery, there is a period of deterioration in nutrition and hydration, weakening of turgor and skin elasticity. Small wrinkles appear. Mimic and age wrinkles become obvious. There is a loss of natural color and shine. Against a background of weakened immunity, the effects of oxidative stress are enhanced.


To protect against free radicals on the one hand and to provide fuel energy to the cellular structures on the other, since 1967 it has been proposed the use of Mannitol saccharide. Mannitol is a naturally occurring alcohol found in fruits and vegetables and used as an osmotic diuretic, that cleanses the body of toxins and decomposition products of fatty acids and activates metabolism facilitating the elimination of toxins and free radicals.

We need Vitamin C to burn the excess of fat. Ascorbic Acid activates vital processes, forcing to take energy from subcutaneous fat reserves. It helps Bleaching and skin renewal.

The ascorbic acid smooths out wrinkles and works in synergy with the muscle relaxers Argilerine and Leuphasyl.

Both provide an excellent long-term effect of muscle relaxation that have been repeatedly proven. Then we solve the deep facial wrinkles, problem smoothing them.

And now is the time to include the structural components of the extracellular matrix. Collagen

Collagen itself is a signaling molecule that triggers the enhancement of the collagen renewal of the extracellular matrix. The molecule itself is the building block of the dermis. Increases skin elasticity and turgor and restores its elasticity.

To speed up the process of renewal and synthesis of your own skin structures, we introduce an activator - organic silicon. It is responsible for the proliferation of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, necessary for the complete renewal of the skin and its structures. With it, the skin lethargy will disappear.

The solution is FACE SHINE cocktail from Veluderm.


How many sessions are needed?

10 sessions are recommended (1 per week). Apply 1 vial of 10 ml each session.

Every 3-6 months make 1 maintenance session.

Cosmetologists from all over the world after years of experience, agreed on the name of the cocktail due to the achieved results.

It is shining your face.

¡The face begins to shine!

The tenderness of the skin and its tactile velvety returns. 

The skin Moisturizing increases many times. The turgor rises. But, the main thing – It comes a healthy color and a pleasant matte face again.

Smile and shine with happiness and health!

We care about you!



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